Go Back <---
A movie about friendship and death and the strange beauty of the real
Go Back <---
Nahuel Cano & Juan Fernández Gebauer,
La Fragilidad de lo Real / The Fragility of the Real / Die Zerbrechlichkeit des Realen, 2022
1-channel video, 01:06:05 h

Between travel diary, research record and poetic manifesto, “The fragility of the real” goes through 6 years of the artists’ lives. As their world plunges into a spiral of violence and despair, Nahuel Cano and Juan Fernández Gebauer question the way they produce and how to approach this reality. By documenting the evolution of their poetic procedures, grief, and confusion, they search for a shelter from hostility.

Through the mystification of memories, the recycling of unfinished projects, letters and performances, they create a haunted narrative that moves between Brazil, Argentina, the Netherlands and Germany, and in which friendship, like art, is a way of engaging with life.

With: Nahuel Cano, Juan Fernández Gebauer, Anabella Bacigalupo, Gastón Guanziroli, Luciana Di Leone, Armando Freitas Jr., Silvano Santiago, Heloisa Buarque de Holanda, Italo Moriconi, Joaquim, Luis Olavo Fontes

Sound: Gastón Ibarroule
Color: Maren Henke
Sound and texts: Nahuel Cano